Baby Signing Time! Video Set: Vol. 1 – 4

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Get all four volumes of Baby Signing Time! DVDs bundled together. Plus get four bonus CDs. These four DVDs and four CDs will keep your child entertained for hours, and help them learn more than 100 signs.


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Baby Signing Time! Vol. 1

Video Set 1: Signing Basics

Based on the popular PBS series, Baby Signing Time!, this video set teaches your baby basic signs in a way that is both informative and entertaining. Baby Signing Time! video sets combine catchy tunes, animation, and signing children in a way that is irresistible to your child. Warning – these video sets may get played numerous times! Don’t be surprised if you find yourself humming the tunes in the shower. Baby will learn:

  • Food Signs – eat, drink, milk, water, cracker, cereal, banana, juice, more, & finished
  • Family Signs – mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, & baby
  • Utility Signs – diaper, potty, hurt, & where
  • Animal Signs – bird, fish, cat, dog, frog, & horse

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Baby Signing Time! Vol. 2

Video Set 2: Clothes, Manners, Bedtime

Rachel Coleman and the award-winning Baby Signing Time! gang teach Baby Sign Language in a way that is fun, entertaining, and memorable. Using addictive songs, along with clips of real children signing, the video set will quickly become a family favorite! In volume two, your baby will learn:

  • Clothes – shoe, sock, hat, & coat
  • Manners – please, thank you, & sorry
  • Transport – car, train, bus, bicycle, plane, & boat
  • Toy Signs – bear, doll, & ball
  • Bedtime Signs – bath, sleep, wash hands, soap, brush teeth, pajamas, & blanket

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Baby Signing Time! Vol. 3

Video Set  3: Weather, Outside, Animals

Emmy-nominated Rachel Coleman and the Baby Signing Time gang teach Baby Sign Language in a way that is fun, entertaining, and memorable. Using addictive songs, along with clips of real children signing, this video set may not leave the video player! In volume three, your baby will learn:

  • Weather Signs – wind, rain, snow, & sun
  • Outside Signs – outside, sun, cloud, sky, tree, grass, flower, bug, & leaf
  • Day Signs – day, night, star, moon, night
  • Animal Signs – bird, fish, cat, dog, frog, & horse

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Baby Signing Time! Vol. 4

Video Set  4: Friends, Feelings, Fruit

Baby Signing Time! video sets teach your baby basic signs by combining catchy tunes, animation, and signing children in a way that is irresistible to your child. Warning – repeated exposure may result in the whole family singing and signing together! Baby will learn:

  • Friends – friend, play, share, & nice
  • Emotions – feel, happy, sad, laugh, cry, hot, & cold
  • Fruit – apple, pear, carrot, peach, & juice
  • Cleaning Up – clean, dirty, hot, & cold
  • Decision – yes, & no
  • Fun Signs – bubble, balloon, telephone, music, & game

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Running Time: 127 minutes

Tracks: Theme, Eat & Drink, Pets I Love, More, Mom Has a Mom, Diaper Dance, Hard Day, Baby Signing Time
video set 2: Theme, One Shoe, Please-Thank You-Sorry, Here I Go, Keep Still, Wash My Hands, Sleep Song, Special
video set 3: Theme, New Day, Outside, Sunny Day, Strollin, Stop & Go, Bug, Starry Night, Nighttime, Tiny Hands

Tracks: Theme, Eat & Drink, Pets I Love, More, Mom Has a Mom, Diaper Dance, Hard Day, Baby Signing Time
Special Features: Welcome, Getting Started, Katy Reads, Daily Routines, Tips, FAQs

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8 reviews for Baby Signing Time! Video Set: Vol. 1 – 4

  1. Robyn

    We used Signing Time to help my grandson and our family learn to sign. His mom wanted to teach him starting at 7 months so that he could communicate without crying. He was starting to be verbal just before his first birthday but he was diagnosed with histiocytosis, a type of leukemia. With the devastating effects of the disease and chemo he could no longer walk, talk or crawl. Eventually he could barely sit up. Sign became our only way to communicate and Rachel was our lifeline. He and his mom watched the videos and learned the signs and she taught me his new signs every week. By the time he was 2 he knew over 100 signs and signed in sentences because of Signing Time. It was so easy and fun for all of us. By 3 and once he was off chemo and starting to verbalize again, he switched to words. The transition was so natural because of sign. I recommend Signing Time to every mom I meet with a new baby. They’re so well done. Thank you Rachel – we’ll always be grateful for you ❤️

  2. Michelle

    My granddaughter loves learning this! She an I have all the signs from 1-4 down. Needing to learn more. So hard to find things in the library and in stores.

  3. Pat

    Our family is delighted with this product. My grandson had a traumatic incident at birth which resulted in brain damage. Appropriate mental stimulation was part of his therapy. We started signing and watching the videos with him when he was about 6 months. He started signing at about a year. He is now 21 months old. At the end of our weekly outing he is able to tell his mother all about his busy day using a combination of words and signs. He “talks” of sports, vehicles, animals, foods, activities. He likes to show off with his flash cards. He ask for the DVDs and loves to sing along with Rachel. It’s one of the activities he does with grandmother. For our family this has been all positive. We believe every baby might benefit from this easy entry into language proficiency.

  4. Mari

    Bought a dvd set for my niece. It was a great decision to purchase this. My niece’s communication vocabulary progressed day by day because most of these signs she learnt are being used in everyday life. She enjoys watching and following at the same time. I have learnt a lot of signing too from just watching it with her.
    I’m glad this program exists. Worth every single penny.

  5. Eldona

    am so incredibly happy to discover Baby Sign; in fact, I tell ALL parents about it (those I know, those in line at the grocery store, doctor’s office, mall, zoo, etc.)! It is amazing!!!

    I began showing the DVDs to our six month old. He was very attracted to the theme music and songs (he began attending daycare at eight months which I sent the DVDs there as well and the director told me it not only calmed him down but got the attention of ALL of the babies)! And once he turned 11 months, he was signing!

    He just turned 15 months, but at 14 months, he had at least 50 words he could either say, sign, or both! And today, I would move that number up to 60! We still play the DVD for him daily which he still loves and sometimes, he asks to watch it by saying and signing “baby” (it’s so cute)! A couple of weeks ago, I caught him signing, “bird, bird, bird, bird,” as he rubbed his index finger over his lips!

    Rachel is the best and I am so glad this program exists! We are currently potty-training our little one so I plan to get her DVD on that. But I’ll wait until Christmas because your prices seem to be cut in half!

    I credit Baby Sign Time with my baby’s level of vocabulary. I sincerely hope he will be articulate at even 18 months at the rate he’s going. He seems to pick up a word every day (and he can sign or say most of the flash cards in the program). And of course, my husband and I now sign as well. So it’s how we all communicate!

  6. Sheila Messick

    My grand daughter is about 90% non verbal. Communication is a huge barrier for her . I heard about baby signing time & bought her the Volume 1-4 cd for Christmas & it’s now March. She is 21 months old and loves baby signing time, she’s learned so many signs by repetitive watching & now signs approx. 20 words. Lately she has started putting some sounds with her sign. Thank You Baby Signing Time! What a difference it has made for us!!

  7. Donna

    I am a speech therapist in a public school system my caseload includes hearing impaired, cochlear implanted, and lanugage impaired among other delays and disorders. I like to introduce two to three signs every session at entry level. I love the DVD’s Baby Signing Time. It holds the little ones attention and provides very relevant signs they can use in everyday life.

  8. Kelly

    I am love! We received the DVD collection as part of the Baby Sign Language Ultra Kit which we found to be awesome for the price. Literally for under $120 we received 12 different resources. But I want to leave a review specifically for the DVD collection. I could not be more delighted with my purchase!! We are so grateful for this set it has been a life saver when taking family road trips. While my five year old enjoys Frozen and can watch it a million times if we let her our toddler is totally in love with this set. He can sign several animals engages with us by asking for objects and toys and absolutely loves the songs. I just wish they had more DVDs. Thank you baby sign language

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