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Ava & Ashleigh Sign-A Baby Sign Language Video Story.

As a parent you are tasked with the precious task of shaping the mind of a little person. Your mission is to help your babies discover the world that surrounds them and learn to effectively interact by communicating their needs and expressing their likes and interests. Watching a baby progress and achieve new heights in… Reads more »

Westmama Designs Baby Sign Language Giveaway

Westmama Designs produces some of the cutest and most original baby clothes we’ve seen. Animals like manatees, cuttlefish, dinosaurs, and unicorns grace the trendy clothes. Kids clothing, including cardigans and onesies, come in up to size 12. They even make some adult-sized apparel. Westmama Designs also makes canvas tote bags and funny greeting cards, and… Reads more »

Reading & Signing From Birth-Giving Your Child the Verbal Edge

Yesterday the American Academy of Pediatrics added reading aloud to the standard recommendations aimed toward healthy early childhood development. We too advocate reading as an integral part of vocabulary development and the shaping of communication skills and expression for all babies and toddlers. If you have not yet incorporated a daily reading routine to the… Reads more »