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  1. Aeriel Terry

    We started teaching our 3 month old sign language and he is now one day shy of being 4 months and can sign milk. He knows what it means and he calms down when we say the word, sign it, or ask him to sign it. I know it’s a struggle for him to get his hands to do the sign but he does it! I’m so excited for his accomplishment! ☺️ The kit is awesome and he loves to watch the dvd that came with it!
    I can’t wait for him to sign Mommy next!

  2. Ann

    We went out to breakfast with Mom, Gramma, baby girl and Auntie. As the waitress came over and started to take our order, it was clear that the waitress was having a bad day. She was snippy, curt and impatient. Baby looked at mom, and signed “grouchy”. We all laughed and the waitress didn’t have any idea what was going on. Baby’s first inside joke!!!

  3. cerys

    My son Luke 13 months and my husband and I went for lunch we were all sitting at the table when mine and my husbands food arrived there were chips on our plates my son saw this and immediately wanted them he started to moan but the chips were too hot so while daddy was blowing at the chips I signed and talked wait the chips are hot wait. He immediately stopped moaning and waited the people behind us were amazed at this. I love the hot sign as I just tell and sign to my son hot when there is a heater or braai close by he immediately understands signs hot back and stays away from it. The wait sign is also great but Doesn’t always work every time but at least we know he understands us. Thank you so much I love signing with my son. It’s amazing to know what’s on my son’s mind.

  4. cerys

    Hi my little boy now 14 months can sign almost all the signs on the dvds and all the signs in the flash cards he signs when we show him a card and signs when he sees them in the dvd. He also signs to various things he sees.We have been trying to make him understand that he can sign what he wants we started to help him understand by letting him sign which animal he wants to go to bed with the dog or the lion his favourite but he points instead of signs we are not sure how to get him to understand the concept we have tried the pepper berg method where I sign what I want and he just watches but he gets upset when we encourage him to try. Can you suggest any other methods that could help us?

  5. Devon Mchenry

    I started signing with my baby boy when he was around a year old and he is 16 months now and I love when he says please and thank you in sign language. It just makes my day. I’ve been using my college level sign language book and its been difficult trying to pick out all the words I think should be his starter words. So far he uses more, thank you, please, and love on a regular basis it makes me so proud!!!

  6. Michelle

    My 13-month daughter consistently signs about 12 signs to communicate with us. She eagerly learns new signs when we are identifying things around the house and outside. My husband and I have been thrilled with her ability to communicate with us, and the minimal amount of fussing is great! She gets so excited when we understand her–lots of giggles and excited bouncing! I am constantly learning new signs as well…we are all learning!

  7. Kimberly

    I taught my 9 month old niece Payton to do “more” and ever since I taught her she has been doing it. My sister(her mom) texted me and said “What’s that sign language you were teaching Payton?” “She’s doing it and has been doing it for two days!” It was funny because her mom didn’t think Peyton knew what it meant, but now she believes me and so they are starting to teach her more signs.

  8. Martha Hilton

    What fears do parents have in teaching baby signing language?

    ADMIN – Hi Martha,

    The only fears I have heard are that it will stop a child from talking, or that it won’t work and that the parent will be embarrassed.

    Some parents are concerned the baby sign language will stop a parent from talking. In fact, most signers talk earlier than non-signers. Learning helps them start to learn words and gives them more confidence, so when their vocal muscle control is good enough to start talking they have a big head start. It is just like crawling helps developmentally on the path to walking.

    The other fear is that baby sign language won’t work, and that other people will think they were silly for trying. This too should not be a big concern. It is rare that a child will not learn to sign before they learn to talk. Some children take longer than others, but if you stick with signing, it is almost certain that your child will catch on.

  9. Monika

    I am sooo excited about signing w my baby. We started around 7 months w the basic ones and at first I didn’t think much of it but when around 9 mths he asked for milk I was totally sold!!! He is 14 months now and can sign 35 different signs and says 15 words. It is soooo much fun!!!

  10. Deborah Bentrim/Sign Language Instr.

    I am a Sign Language Instructor @ our local library in Redding, California. I teach adult and Baby sign language classes. I teach A.S.L. and S.E.E. I have been doing this for almost 30 years. I LOVE to educate!!! I am also hearing-impaired. I will answer and share any questions/educations/material information about deafness and sign language questions and answers to the best of my knowledge through my life’s experiences and teachings. Communication is everything!!! Love is patience and understanding. Life is a gift.~Deborah(1 very happy Sign Language Instructor!:)
    P.S. I appreciate your wonderful website!!

  11. Victoria

    Baby signing is a very good, I use it with my son. He can sign all of the words for eating, sleeping, colors, and emotions. I plan to teach him more ASL when he is older. I began teaching him signs when he was 16 months old.

  12. Delanie

    I decided to teach my daughter sign language because I had it in high school and I read that it was a great way to communicate with little ones. I started about a month ago on the basic signs (mom, dad, more, hungry, etc). She watched with enjoyment but no real reaction. Well, earlier this week i noticed her motioning her hands together like the sign more. So I too started doing! Her face was priceless! She looked so happy that we connected! It was a great moment. I can’t wait to film it!

  13. Michelle L

    When my daughter was 14 months old, she learned the signs for (along with the concepts of) “on” and “off.” She’d point to the tv, the light, a toy, anything she wanted me to turn on and she’d do this little dance where she’d rock side to side, signing and singing “on, off, on, off.”

  14. Joanne

    My 16 month old daughter, Nola, is deaf and we have just started to learn sign language. Our ASL teacher is also deaf her name is Judy. During our first class Judy was teaching us simple everyday signs. At one point Judy got Nola’s attention and started to sign to her fluently. Nola’s reaction was so heartwarming. She was interested in what Judy was doing. Nola’s face lit up she seemed so curious and interested in what Judy was saying to her. Then she smiled at Judy. I was amazing at the immediate connection they had and pleased to see that my daughter was on her way to learning how to communicate.

  15. Lisa portier

    My daughter, Lily, is ten months old. She is starting to sign some but I don’t know if she knows what she is signing.. So the other day, I have her in Her highchair and we are eating dinner. We had spinach, diced tomatoes, and salmon. She ate and ate and ate. After a little while, she leaned backed, looked at me and signed, ” all done” …I waited, is she just doing it or does she mean it… She did it again. So I took her cue, signed it back to her with a smile and she reached for me.. We got a bath, read our book, nursed a little and went to bed… That was my Wow moment.. . This really works!

  16. Aimee

    I have recently started taking my son, who will be 3 in August, to Speech & OT therapies this month. I found this website since I had been asked by several if I had been signing with him. This week my husband and I have been learning several signs and have been trying to teach them to our son. What has been great is that our 4 year old is picking them up as quickly as we are and loves trying to ‘help’ her little brother learn mommy, daddy, sister, brother, eat, drink and especially diaper! She picked them up very quickly! Love it!

  17. Amanda

    It is a good feeling to see my son do signs. He was born with CHARGE SYMDROME. One of the affects from that is he deaf so using sign is the only way in comuticating with him. He is a year old now. It has been a struggle so far and im sure it still is gonna be. We are all learning sign with him.. He understands more than he can sign right now, But he can sign bottle, mama, daddy, up, eat, hungry, bath, more, come here, bye bye and poop. Lol.. He doesnt do all of them all the time yet. He usually does them when you show him first. But it is the best feeling to see him do it. His first one was mama.. Brought tears to my eyes. That was the best feeling to see him do that! 🙂

  18. Ana Lucia

    My 10 month old can do 4 sings: milk, more, finished and daddy. I use many more, but those are the ones she can do herself, but she will only do them when she hears the word or I do the sign first. Yesterday she was a little cranky, so I asked her what was wrong, and she spontaneously did the sign for milk. So I made her a bottle and gave it to her, and she drank it and fell asleep! I felt so excited, that she actually asked for it for herself. I am hopping that soon she will start using many more of the signs we have been teaching her. 🙂

  19. Sherry

    Our daughter has been slowly going deaf in her left ear for the last 15 years. We have recently started learning sign language as a way of communication if she does happen to go completely deaf. Our 4 year old son is adamant about learning new signs. If he wants to know a word and we do not know the sign he makes one up. Today was our weekly library trip. He immediately spotted a sign book and said “we have to have this one”. He then taught the story reader how to sign welcome. It is the cutest thing. To know that he is learning, inventing, and teaching at such an early age touches my heart.

  20. Rebecca

    We have also started using baby sign language this past week. My favorite moments have been teaching my husband the signs. We are both enjoying signing Mommy and Daddy at each other. Fun for the whole family.

  21. mama b

    We thought my son was going to be such a late bloomer. All of my play date moms’ kids were talking & babbling way before our little one. When we started signing & he signed “mama” for the first time I almost started crying! 🙂 it was such an emotional rush. Once we showed the playdate mom’s they were all jealous & trying to get their kids on the bandwagon! Way to make me look like the coolest mom ever! 😉

  22. Renee Palmer

    My daughter Ariana is 9 months old, and my son Caden is 4 1/2 years old. Ariana has her big brother wrapped around her little finger, and of course when it comes to taking care of his sister there’s no exception to the rule. Caden was incredible when it came to signing, and his favorites were milk, more, all gone, and bottle. Well, it took me longer to get into the swing of signing with Ariana than with Caden. Imagine my surprise one day when we were sitting at dinner and as I was getting Ariana’s food ready, Caden was frantic saying “Mommy! Mommy! Ariana wants more food!” As I was cutting up her food, she was frantically signing “more, more, more”, and Caden remembered the signs that he used as a baby. Not only does baby sign language help our children communicate with us, but it helps them communicate with others!

  23. Lori

    I love that my 14 month old signs all done through her tears when we have to do something she doesn’t like (like diaper changes or eyedrops) It’s amazing that even when she’s upset she’s trying to communicate. And once we are done and sign it back to her she cheers up instantly. It’s too sweet!

  24. Bri Wusstig

    My favorite moment so far is my little one looking up at me holding his bottle and then he did the sign for Milk! I was so excited I think the neighbors could hear me shouting “Great job!!!! That’s right Miiiilllk!!!!!!”

  25. Michelle

    My most memorable baby sign moment was when my daughter started to tell me to “come here”. She never crawled, so as I was trying her to crawl to me I used that sign all of the time. She now is 11 months and is trying to walk and scoots everywhere, still not an all out crawl though. She often tells me to come here, and toys as well.

  26. Michelle

    My most memorable baby sign moment was when my daughter started to tell me to “com here”. She never crawled, so as I was trying her to crawl to me I used that sign all of the time. She now is 11 months and is trying to walk and scoots everywhere, still not an all out crawl though. She often tells me to come here, and toys as well.

  27. Tamara Gibbs

    My favorite baby sign language moment is when my daughter (13 months at the time) signed I LOVE YOU for the 1st time. I thought she was asking for a “high 5” so I kept giving her one and she kept saying “No” after the “high 5” was given. I was so confused, until she said “Mama love” and then my heart melted because I realized she was signing “I LOVE YOU”. So special and sweet.

  28. Sarah

    My 9 month old daughter knows two signs right now, milk and dog. She uses her milk sign frequently, and I think she sometimes just does it to show off that she can. She absolutely loves our dog and will do the dog sign everytime the dog comes near. It is so funny to see her get excited and pat her leg! I can’t wait until she is able to do other signs. I believe she understands some others, but hasn’t applied them just yet.

  29. Amy

    My daughter is 10 mo old and I decided that I really wanted to get working on this just this week. I thought of it mainly for her eating… I want to know when she wants more and is finished, so that’s where I’m starting. I did finished for the 1st time the other day and she thought that was the funniest thing ever. Hopefully she picks up the basic ones quickly, but I have to teach daddy 1st to fully get them.

  30. Sherri

    I just started using signs with my son last week when he was 6 weeks old. He is now 7 weeks old and will respond to 3 of the signs so far. If he’s crying it helps to figure out what is going on. If he’s hungry and I make the sign for milk, he stops crying. If he wants to be in the baby carrier and I make the sign for backpack (I looked it up), he stops crying. If he wants his diaper changed and I sign that, he stops crying. He does not respond to hearing the words spoken yet, just to the signs. It saves both of us a lot of frustration.

  31. Judy

    Our grandson is now 6 but when he was around 1 he would stand by the fridge or cabinet and scream. I taught him milk, eat, more, finished, (more that I don’t remember) and it made a world of difference. He developed speech not long after but signing definitely made him less frustrated. Our niece taught many signs to her daughter which she used consistently along with her developing speech till she was at least 2 years old. As a retired speech/language pathologist I totally encourage teaching sign to little ones. Continue talking to them as well but pair signs with words and situations.

  32. Dena

    My 11 month old granddaughter has 4 signs: more, drink, bottle, all done. She uses these consistently in appropriate ways. What a gift to know exactly what she wants and needs!


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