4 Responses to “I to L Words – Baby Sign Language Flash Cards”

  1. Hailey

    From what I have seen so far your site is great. I’ve always wanted to know how to sign and your site makes learning words easy. My only suggestion though is to add more words and maybe make some videos showing how to order/put words into sentences. Many sources I have been to say that ASL follows a little bit of a different order than when your speaking English. Other than that great job. Continue your great work so that I can continue to learn to sign.

  2. Josie McGee

    As an educator for elementary DHH students, I LOVE this website!! You have an extensive selection with KID friendly appeal. Thanks so much for all you do!

  3. Mey Lau

    Thank you for the suggestion Lorraine, we are working on a set of new signs and should have listen included as part of the new deck!

  4. Lorraine Quinones

    Hi there,

    You should add LISTEN to your sigh flashcard.

    Love your site. Its very informative!!

    Thanks for the knowledge,

    Lorraine Q.


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