Baby Signing Time! Book 4: Will You Be My Friend?


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Will You Be My Friend? teaches your baby about feelings, friendship, and sharing. Emotion signs are a great way for babies (particularly upset babies) to start learning to communicate in a constructive way. Any parent would agree that this manner of communication is highly preferrable to crying. The book syncs up with the signs taught in Baby Signing Time! DVD 4.

Learn Signing Basics

In Baby Signing Time! Book 4: Will You Be My Friend?, the crew (Alex and Leah) prepares for bed time. Your baby will learn about friends, sharing, and feelings. The signs incorporated into the story include:

  • Friend
  • Play
  • Feel
  • Happy
  • Laugh
  • Share
  • Sad
  • Cry

Author: Emilie de Azevedo Brown
Length: 18 pages

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