BSL Mother’s Day Card

BSL Mother's Day CardMy friend Jamie, an avid crafter and awesome mom sent me a little something to share. She worked on this craft as a gift to her nanny for Mother’s Day. In my opinion it is a wonderful mothers day gift for a grandmother or a great keepsake to commemorate your baby’s first Baby Sign Language word.


  • 1 Sheet of light colored printed design paper
  • 1 Sheet of bold colored medium yardstick
  • 1 Happy BSL baby
  • glue
  • scissors
  • embellishments of choice


  1. Fold your light colored printed design paper in four with the printed side facing outward.
  2. Trace your baby’s right hand on your medium yardstick trying to keep the thumb pointing slightly outward.
  3. Cut your tracing
  4. Using scissors or your fingers curl and mold the middle and ring finger to form the “I love you” sign.
  5. Glue the tips of the middle and ring finger to the palm of your traced hand.
  6. Glue the hand tracing now shaped like the “I love you” sign to the front of your card.
  7. Decorate with embellishments of choice like stickers, glitter or a picture of your baby.


Note: I used a slightly larger hand to make the pictures clear. Your baby hand will be cuter and far more charming.

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