How to Take Good Photos With Your Camera Phone

Our trusty little Iphones & Droids are always handy. We have come to rely on our smart phones to capture the unique and surprising moments of our babies.

As a multimedia device the smart phone does not have all the features required for amazing photos but each model has just enough to keep us hooked to the digital shutter.

The trick to camera phone baby photography is to understand the limitations of most devices.

  • Most camera phones don’t have auto focus. The fixed focus lens will not allow you to take sharp close-ups.
  • Most camera phones are slow and finicky in adjusting shutter speed. This means blurry photos.
  • The light sensors are moody. You must carefully consider your lighting and evaluate your screen before you shoot.
  • Not a good option for long distance or landscape. If you are trying to capture kiddos playing in the garden from a distance you won’t have awesome results.
  • Weak flash

Regardless of these shortcomings we all appreciate the instant gratification and ability to communicate and share those special moments with our loved ones. It is amazing. Baby’s first steps, messy feedings and of course, the first time the little darling signs “milk”.  To get the most out of your camera phone consider this tips:


  • Hang a cute charm from the phone to attract the attention of your baby.
  • Press and hold the shutter and wait until the light has adjusted to your preference.
  • We can achieve our best photos between two to twelve feet.
  • Seek simple composition without lots of background clutter.
  • Still and calm babies yield the best results in overcoming slow shutter speed.
  • If you get a blurry photo with poor light management call it “soft focus”.
  • Use editing software like Photoshop or Picasa to play with highlights, contrast and sharpness.
  • Avoid using the flash if you have one. It will result in a harsh photo.
  • Use cute special effects apps to add charm and uniqueness.


Have fun! Your instant updates and wonderful first moments are precious to your family and friends.


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