Setting the Stage for Gorgeous Baby Photos

I was really looking forward to sharing these tips with you because they apply to everyone regardless of their equipment.  When it comes to baby photography there are a few things all of us can do to ensure we have the best possible moments with the best possible light.


Light Matters

The best photos are taken with natural sunlight particularly the soft light that happens in the first hours of the day and in the late afternoon.  This type of light is soft, glowing gently and creating visual poetry.  In the middle of the day the light is harsh and more dramatic. Sometimes this can be advantageous if this is the emotion we wish to convey.  Filtered light in natural setting is also quite nice for baby photography. Imagine for a moment gentle sunrays kissing your baby under the playful shadows of a tree.


If natural light is not an option you can replace it with strategic warm lights. Nothing coming from above but instead carefully positioned table lamps and desk lamps with warm colored bulbs and shades.  For the purpose of highlights it is best if the light only touches one side of the baby’s face.


Dim lighting inside will force your camera to use slow shutter speed. To ensure sharp baby photos hold the camera steady or use a makeshift tripod.



I adore composition when it comes to baby photography. It is the place where tenderness meets art. The first and most important thing is to remove the clutter. Nothing more unpleasant than having a gorgeous baby photo that you feel you need to crop because the dirty laundry serves as a backdrop.  Gift the photo with a tiny surprise. Your baby is the heart of the photo but a little something extra creates magic; it can be a small flower, especially colorful shoes or a funny sign that is already part of their environment. Think baby with sleepy eyes sitting in front of the “I need Coffee” sign that adorns a corner of your kitchen.  Use texture. Texture can compliment or contrast. Wrap your baby in a soft fluffy blanket fresh out of their bath or place him carefully inside a large red toolbox. Your imagination is the limit.


Perspective & Angles

Go down on the floor. Giant’s view is not flattering. Worm’s view adds charm and allows you to capture proportion. Capture a unique angle of your baby or just a part of their body



A little work on your computer will take you far. Crop your photos to eliminate undesired elements. Add glow, try soft focus and play a little with the highlights.



Make everything a celebration. Every first can become a beautiful memory. First steps, first realization of having toes and fingers, first ice creams and the cute little face upon discovering the tanginess of lemons. Establish a frame of reference for growth in the form of a prop such as a teddy bear or another object. Take regular pictures next to this prop in the same setting to convey changes.

Have Fun Creating Memories!

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