Sharing Your Baby Photos

Digital media has been a game changer when it comes to sharing our baby shots. We email, text and post delivering instant gratification to our friends and family. Often these practices make us forget the importance of an heirloom.  There is something special and unique about sharing photos and memories in a three-dimensional format. Often I have regretted the loss of digital files as my online activities and archives become bigger and bigger. One day I want to have something beyond pixels to leave to the next generation as a testament of the little details that made their infancy and childhood beautiful. When it comes to sharing these memories a few things come to mind:


Be Selective in Gifting Photos

While grandma and your best friend may value a photo of your child greatly this may not be the case for everyone in your social circle.  I cannot tell you the number of times I have spotted baby photos in wastebaskets or paper piles.


Practice Good Taste in Packaging Your Heirloom

Carefully consider the surroundings of the recipient when deciding the best means of displaying a photo. For dad pick something more formal that goes well with the office setting. For grandma select something delicate and charming. For aunt Janie the ultimate gadget addict, get that keychain digital frame she always wanted.


Make Holiday Crafts

Holidays give you a great deal of flexibility in displaying your baby photos in fun and unique ways. Take advantage of this. The festive environment gives you extra freedom to be creative.


Be Safe

When you post pictures in the web keep in mind not everyone looks at your photos with a heart full of innocence and tenderness. Avoid photos of naked babies in public forums. Set your social media privacy to high and ensure photos do not show house numbers or easy to identify landmarks of places your frequently visit.


Do you have any suggestions or ideas to create photo memories?


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