Perseverance, Patience, and Love

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I know that raising a child with special needs can be challenging. I also know that with perseverance, patience, and love as parents, we can help our children excel to the best of their abilities—often more than we may have thought possible.
Helping your special needs child learn, advance, or relate to the world can be discouraging at times. We want so much for our children to not only be happy, but to be able to do well for themselves, and children with special needs have to struggle to meet achievements that may come so easily to other children. In order to help our special needs children, we need a large reserve of vacillation. We need to continue to encourage our children and be there for them; to not show our uncertainties and fears. For it is with preservation that we show our children that we believe in them; it is our believe in them that allows our children to believe in themselves.
One of the important things we as parents of special needs children have to work on is our patience. Sometimes it can be a struggle not to try and push our children just a little bit more, as we ourselves get excited or frustrated. But it is so important to let our children go at their own pace, only showing encouragement and excitement. This allows your special needs child to feel confident and accomplished. It makes it so much more likely that they too will strive for more, without feeling so frustrated or incompetent. Our children are not only competent, but marvelous: they have to work so much harder than other children may.
The most important things we can offer our special needs children is one that comes so naturally: love. It is our love for our children that help us meet these challenges for our children. It is what enables us to have the strength to be our children’s strength. Our love of them nurtures their self-confidence. Our love is how they know how wonderful they are, and that it is okay for them to be who they are. This helps them deal with frustration they may be feeling about the differences they face within themselves.
With perseverance, patience, and love our children will excel beyond expectations. These things are the foundation of everything they will need; it is more important than any class or program money can buy. They will be happier and have fuller lives because of our support.
We want to remind you that children are special, and their timing is unique. We receive many emails, comments and Facebook comments asking about using baby sign language as part of a comprehensive developmental approach with special needs babies. We are listening and we are here to encourage you. With a little patience and lots of love you will soon see results.


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