Ten Things Your Kid Must See Before Turning Three

It is a season of discovery and those things that we take for granted are the igniters of our child’s sense of wanderlust. The small journeys of today will one day be remembered as the very foundation of their willingness and drive to reach far and wide.

I asked my friend Lori who is a mom to 11 kids (half from the womb half from the heart). To lend us her mama compass and guide us through the journey of discovery. She sent me ten wonderful things to do and see before turning three.

Discover Your Reflection

Self-awareness is exclusive to humans, with the help of a mirror and a few colorful props you can have endless fun as your baby discovers the “I” in the mirror.

Taste The World

Expose your toddler to new flavors. Be daring and purchase tropical fruits. Have your camera ready for the very first time your toddler experiences the tanginess of lime or the coldness of ice cream.

Savor Spring Showers

On a warm spring day walk with your child under the rain.

Meet a Bunny

And pet it too. There is something magnificent when a child realizes he is touching something soft but very alive. Point at the different parts of the bunny anatomy and help your child discover that bunnies have ears too. Just like babies but longer.

Roll a Rollie Pollie

Your garden is full of treasures. Pick a brick or a stone and find pill bugs making their home. Show your toddler how a pill bug can be rolled into a little ball.  This is a teaching opportunity in gentleness when handling nature.

Make a Video

Have your toddler dance or do something silly and let them watch. Caution: This can be highly addictive.

Pick Flowers

Teach your toddler the pricelessness of gifting and loving.

Make a Rainbow

Purchase a prism and make rainbows everywhere.

Feed the Ducks

This is a must for every child as soon as they can walk and throw.

Blow Bubbles

Because bubbles are magical.

Discovery is full of teachable moments; moments to sign, moments to sing and moments to cherish in your heart as you witness the beauty of learning.




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