The Benefits of Reading to Your Baby

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We love books. New books, old books, important books and picture books. In the last few weeks I have read several addressing the benefits of baby sign language and other means of communication during early infancy. I have learned so much and I wanted to share with you a few things I found interesting on the topic of reading to your baby.

Cognitive Development

Babies are sponges hungry for knowledge. During the first 24 months of life our babies have the capacity learn very quickly and engage with pattern-based visual and verbal queues. While reading your baby will learn to recognize the cadence of your voice, letter patterns and shapes.


Reading places our babies at the center of the Universe it allows us to engage in eye contact and  facilitates the learning of body language.

Self Esteem

Early reading allows a baby to feel integrated in a task performed by older siblings and adults allowing for enhanced self esteem and effective developmental transitions.

Improved Vocabulary

Reading exposes our babies to terms, phrases and emotions that are not normally used in our day-to-day engagement. This type of exposure results in accelerated progression in vocabulary acquisition.

Visual Skills Development

Reading invites our babies to follow imagery make connections and improve the ability to focus.


With over 100,000 baby books listed in Amazon the opportunities are endless. Go ahead, share your favorite book with us and let’s help each other discover the pleasures of reading to our babies.


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