Don’t Give Up-Your Baby is Learning at Their Own Pace

I frequently get questions from moms struggling with the pace of learning of their little ones. First-time moms are generally the ones most likely to reach out with concerns hoping that somewhere, somehow there is a by-the-book answer that tells us down to the minute when our babies will reach every single milestone.



General guidelines are without doubt helpful when it comes to child development and we often refer to them specifically as it relates to your baby signing. We have captured statistics by polling moms and have made observations with our own babies. For example, we know that the majority of babies will sign between 6 to 12 months and some will know up to five signs before their first birthday. But what if your baby does not follow this pattern?  Don’t lose hope, all babies are in a constant process of learning and absorbing new information. Babies are processing and learning far more than we can ever imagine.  Their pace of response can vary widely but every baby is learning and as a parent your role is to continue teaching:

Continue teaching joyfully-Your baby deserves it

Continue to innovate-Try new methods of teaching to discover baby’s learning style

Continue teaching lovingly-Your primary role is to nurture, learning will fall into place in due time

Continue to have hope-Babies can sense discouragement and apathy

Stop comparing-Your baby is unique and their progress should be measured and tracked against their own daily achievements. 


You are doing well. Before you know it you will have a little walking chatterbox and you will face a completly different set of didactic challenges. Those too will be conquered in due time.

Happy Friday


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