Baby Sign Language Video of the Week; Meet James

This collection of clips is absolutely refreshing, and a wonderful way to encourage moms & dads who have just started signing with their babies. James is a Baby Sign Language Super Star. Words cannot describe how proud we are of his achievements. His parents Stephen and Lesah are a fantastic example of what happens when you engage in the teaching and learning process and give your little ones the attention they deserve.

This video captures his first months of signing. Lucky for us we have another video coming up that captures his progress and shows how he began to integrate verbalization as he transitioned from signing into speech. At his peak of baby sign language sign acquisition, James was able to sign over 200 words! 

In Lesah’s own words:

“It is hard to imagine how different it would be raising our son James without baby sign language.   When he is thirsty, he tells us he wants water, and when he sees a dog, he excitedly does the sign for dog.  One thing that really stands out to me is how perceptive and aware he really is.  I know that adults often tend to disregard the thoughts and interests of 12-18 month olds because they can’t communicate verbally, but by using baby sign language James has really shown me how aware he is.  Many times, he will sign “baby”, “dog”, “tree”, or “leaf” even before I have spotted what he is referring to.  It has also enabled us to better meet his needs.  When he wants milk, he is able to ask for it.  When he wants more to eat, he can say so.  When he gets excited, we usually know why because he will sign what he is excited about.  Although it takes a little bit of discipline to remember to do the right signs when saying words, I would say the process of teaching him signs has been fairly easy.  At this age, children learn so quickly that sometimes we have only done a sign once or twice and he will use it on his own within the next couple of days.  Other words we’ve been signing for months and he still hasn’t picked them up – or gets them confused with other words. The baby sign language flash cards and website have been helpful to teach us vocabulary and provide a reference when we don’t know the word for something.  I find the videos especially useful. I am confident saying that James is happier and we are happier having used baby sign language.  He is even beginning to link some words together into “sign sentences” such as “dog – nap” when he saw his stuffed dog lying on its side.  Our aim now is to provide him with more vocabulary.  I look forward to him picking up even more words so that we can get to know our son better”.

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