Etta’s Baby Sign Language Story & Video


In this video Etta signs over 25 signs relevant to daily interactions like eating, getting dressed and exploring the world around her. At about 1.31 minutes into the video Kristin asks Etta if she wants to continue signing to which Etta replies with a “more”. We also love how she is starting to use her words and using the signs for emphasis.

Here is Etta’s story as told by her mom Kristin. Thank you Kristin for making us part of your baby sign language journey. We really appreciate your efforts and enthusiasm.


“Our baby sign language journey began almost six years ago when our son was born and we ran across an article extolling the benefits of using sign with pre-verbal children. We introduced sign successfully with him, and were determined to start earlier and use more when Etta came along. We introduced sign around 4 months with her, starting with simple signs like “more,” “all done,” and “nurse.” We found it discouraging to keep signing and not got any reciprocal signs, but at ten months, she first signed “more,” and that first sign remains one of her favorites. From there, Etta’s signing vocabulary grew steadily, exploding between twelve and sixteen months. At eighteen months, she has almost a hundred signs, and has begun to create two and three sign phrases. She approximates a lot of her signs, but we can almost always use context to understand her. She can communicate her needs, sign animals and objects, and even creates her own signs for her favorite friends! She like to watch Rachel and her signing friends every morning and before bed. Baby Signing Time has been more than just a fun hobby for our family – it has been truly essential with Etta. She has very few spoken words, and signs are incredibly empowering to her, and to our whole family. She lights up when adults in her world are able to understand her, and she frequently asks for new signs when she encounters something unfamiliar. We are so thankful for the gift of sign language in our family.”

Etta Signs


The picture above is Etta at about 10 months old. During Thanksgiving she signed “more” for the very first time. Below you can see Etta hard at play and full of joy. Etta is such a smart and happy baby!

Etta Plays

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Sarah learned her first 10 signs at six month and it made our lives much easier. Instead of screaming, she could tell us when she was hungry, thirsty, or tired. She learned another 50 signs by nine months and that was a blast. Now she is talking much earlier than the other children in her preschool and we think it is because of her signing.

We can’t imagine missing out on all the little things she shared with baby sign language. Thank You!

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