Learn Our Top Winter Baby Signs: Winter Apparel

Yesterday we worked on our first set of winter signs for babies and toddlers. We learned how to sign wind, snow and cold and also had a few opportunities to engage our little ones in activities and crafts. You can see the post here.

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Today we are going to tackle winter clothing. Toddlers begin to show interest in undressing at about 15 to 18 months of age. Undressing is significantly easier than dressing and likely to happen earlier. Between 20 and 28 months your toddler will develop sufficient gross and fine motor skills as well as cognitive abilities that will equip them to tackle self-care such as dressing and basic personal hygiene.

Even if your little one will not begin dressing until he or she is a little older you can begin teaching the signs for clothing as early as 12 months old. Winter clothing is particularly intriguing for babies and toddlers making it easy to engage in the learning process.

How to Teach Winter Clothing Signs?

Our two favorite methods to teach winter clothing is by getting baby ready to go outside and signing the items of clothing prior to putting them on. We also love paper dolls and baby dolls with winter clothes. Let your toddler help out by attempting to dress the baby doll.

Another great opportunity to learn signs for winter clothing is while storing laundry. Let your toddler help you out with small tasks such as carrying clothes from one location to another. Do not expect perfection and remember that the idea behind allowing a toddler to help is mainly about their learning journey.

Printable winter clothes

You can find more wonderful printable dolls at education.com

Now let’s get our printers ready and keep building on our awesome winter baby sign language flash card collection:

Baby sign language sign for sweater.

Baby sign language sign for gloves.

Baby sign language sign for hat.

Baby sign language sign for coat.


We hope you enjoy learning four new winter signs. If you have not yet added Signing Time volume III titled A New Day consider purchasing a copy. The DVD covers outside signs such as weather times of the day and animals.

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