Go Beyond Signing – Five Awesome Ways to Use Your Baby Sign Language Flash Card Set From Birth to Kindergarten

Before you give away your flash card set to your best friend who is now expecting consider the way our baby sign language flash cards and kits are most commonly used by language therapists. Take note and pull your set out to give your little one a huge learning advantage.

Learning a New Language

One of the best uses for the baby sign language flash card set is as a transitional language tool. If you live in a multilingual home take time to print and glue the text for each word in your native language. By including an image of a word in an alternate language and using it in conjunction with the card you are giving your baby or toddler early exposure to additional languages. Longitudinal studies conducted by Harvard University confirm that learning additional languages will increase critical thinking skills, creativity and flexibility of the mind in young children. Even if a foreign language is not spoken at home, your flash card set gives you an ideal opportunity to learn basic vocabulary in a foreign language at the same time your baby learns.

Groupings & Themes

Develop critical thinking and encourage their ability to associate objects or ideas by theme by grouping card categories.  A fun and useful activity for children learning groupings and themes is to include something that is different. You could make a grouping of animal cards and add a card representing a mode of transportation. Ask your little one to find the card that is different. If your baby is well versed in signing you can sign a set of words and ask them to identify the sign that is not relevant to the grouping.

Reading Skills

Take time to sound out each word and point to the letter you are sounding out. Explore using the side of card that features the sign only as a reinforced sight words card. Your child will not have the image of the object in question as a reference; instead he or she will have to rely on the visual of the sign and observation of the written word.

Learning Contrasting Concepts

Pull out the flash cards for ideas such as small and big, hot and cold dark and light. Mix the cards all together and ask your little one to locate and sign the pairs.

Gastronomical Education

If you have a picky eater using flash cards provides you with a transitional tool to challenge your little one to try new flavors. Place a bento box with a variety of fruits new to your baby and proceed to show her the card and sign. Let her taste the fruit or food item and have her decide if she likes it or not by either signing positive signs or using the sign for more.


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