How Do I Teach My Baby Sign Language?

If you are a new mama or a new to signing mama you are probably mystified by the idea of a pre-verbal baby communicating through signs. You have asked friends and family and now you are recurring to the internet to finally figure out how exactly is it that babies learn their first signs.

Grab a cup of tea and let’s learn the basics:

We Are Natural Baby Sign Language Teachers and Learners

Believe it or not your baby already signs. Expressive communication through the use of our hands is the normal default means of communication of any child under one. When your child reaches, pulls or waves bye bye he is in fact using signs to communicate.

Babies Learn Baby Sign Language Through Consistent Feedback

The most successful and quickest signers are the babies of families that make it a point to use basic signs all the time. Pick your most useful signs and use them without fail every time it is contextually correct to sign the concept.

You Can Teach Your Baby How to Use Sign Language From Birth

Just like we speak to our babies from the time they can hear us, signing from birth accelerates visual learning. Even when our babies are not yet able to sign they will be able to respond to certain visual queues.

Babies Can Learn to Sign at Daycare

If you are a working parent don’t feel like baby signs are not an option for you. Many daycares nationwide use our program and resources to reinforce skills learned at home or to introduce babies to their very first signs.

Babies Learn How to Use Baby Sign Language By Selecting Relevant Vocabulary

As tempting as it is, we encourage you to stay away from trying to teach your baby full baby sign language. All your baby needs is enough words to feel empowered until he or she is able to convey all that he or she needs or wants.

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