Learn Our Top Winter Baby Signs

For many families winter is a special time of discovery and a time to build memories. Some head to beautiful ski resorts for a few days, others are lucky enough to live in a place where snow is a natural feature of the winter season.

Let’s make the best out of it and learn a few season-appropriate baby signs

winter baby signs


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Baby sign for wind

How to teach baby to sign wind?

If you happen to have a windy day consider going outside and using string of paper or a homemade windmill show your toddler what happens when a breeze hits a light object. If you have never made a windmill try this easy step-by-step visual tutorial:

Windmill Instructions


Baby sign for snow

How to teach baby to sign snow?

Teaching baby to sign snow depends on the weather conditions in your area. If you are fortunate enough to have snow it will be as simple as walking outside and doing a little outdoor playing. If that is not the case you can opt for videos, pictures or illustrations of snow. If your city is hosting a festival of lights there is a good chance they might have a snow machine making it a perfect setting to practice this new baby sign. If you want to add magic to the experience why not learn how to sign snow by making a homemade snow globe. You can find the instructions here.

Snow Kids


Baby sign for cold

How to teach baby to sign cold?

This is an easy and fun sign to teach and you can do it at the same time you teach baby to sign hot. At home we put two containers one with iced water and the second container with warm water. We help our toddlers feel the temperature and teach the sign in context. similarly we make an ice pack and plug in a hot pack and allow baby to touch both to help him or her understand that temperature changes are not only associated to water but to everything in our environment.

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