Baby Sign Language for Autumn & Cooler Days

I am counting the days until my favorite season arrives. Shorter cooler days, two awesome family holidays and milder weather to spend outdoors are just some of the reasons we are stoked about autumn. Now that your kids have gone back to school and you are enjoying the very last days of the summer it is time to start afresh and put together a variety of adventure conducive to learning and bonding.



For many of you this will be a time of discovery as you introduce your babies and toddlers to new concepts and work on enriching their vocabulary. If your baby is between 12 months and 3 years of age consider the following fall activities:

  • Photo Scavenger Hunt-Print several flashcards from common outdoor objects and let your toddler help you locate the objects in their surroundings. Take a photo of the object with your phone or point and shoot and print the photo for your little one to match with the baby sign language flashcard. Work on learning the sign while you learn to make connections between real objects and images.
  • Crafts with Leaves-Spend time collecting leaves of different colors and teach baby to glue their leaves following an outline or pattern. You can create seasonally-themed images such as a turkey or a jack-o-lantern.
  • Fun in the Kitchen-Let your baby help and become familiar with new seasonal dishes from cranberry-based snacks to pumpkin treats. You can tape relevant flashcards to your refrigerator and help your toddler learn about new foods.
  • Visiting a Pumpkin Patch- This is one of my favorite fall activities. A great chance to learn signs for new fruits, new treats and animals from the petting zoo.
  • Get Ready for Halloween- Fun galore is just around the corner. If this is your baby’s first or second Halloween it is a great opportunity to incorporate fun signs related to dressing up and enjoying seasonal treats.

Our favorite fall baby signs:













Let’s print, learn and share these new words. Join us on our Facebook community with your questions or to share your videos and photos of baby signing.


Make it your goal to learn at least six new baby signs during this very special season. Many of our baby sign language resources are available for free and are easily printable from your home computer. We also have super affordable kits with all the resources currently in use by speech therapists and renowned daycares worldwide.

If you are ready to start communicating with your baby we encourage you to take advantage of our collection of digital and printed resources.



baby sign language kit

The Standard Baby Sign Language Kit, bundles together everything you need to get started with signing in one box, at a steep discount. The kit includes: (1) Baby Sign Language Guide Book; (2) Baby Sign Language Dictionary: (3) Baby Sign Language Flash Cards; and (4) Baby Sign Language Wall Chart.

Baby Sign Language Guide Book shows you how to teach your child how to sign. The book begins with a Quick Start Guide that will teach you your first signs and having you ready to sign in 30 minutes. As your baby progresses, you can delve into more advanced topics like combining signs to make phrases, using props, and transitioning to speech. (Regularly $19.95)

Baby Sign Language Dictionary contains over 600 signs including the most common words, the alphabet and numbers. The dictionary helps you expand your child’s vocabulary, and has the breadth of coverage that lets you follow any child’s natural interests. Each sign is illustrated with two or more diagrams, showing you the starting position, the ending position, and intermediate motion. This makes learning new signs easy.  (Regularly $19.95)

Baby Sign Language Flash Cards include 52 sturdy board (4×6 inches) flash cards, covering a variety of basic signs. The flash cards allow you to teach words, such as animal names, that Baby is not exposed to in everyday life. The face of the flash cards shows the word and image for the child. The back of the flash cards show how the sign is performed, a handy reminder for the adult.  (Regularly $24.95)

Baby Sign Language Wall Chart includes 22 basic signs, and makes a handy reminder for caregivers. The Baby Sign Language Wall Chart covers basic signs, like eat, drink, and sleep. Hang the poster in Baby’s Nursery to help babysitters, or other occasional caregivers learn and decode the most commonly used baby signs.  (Regularly $9.95)

100% Signing Guarantee

Your baby signs to your complete satisfaction, or you get a full refund.

No questions. No time limits. No regrets.

Baby Sign Language Guide Book

Learn the best techniques for effectively teaching baby sign language. Including:

•  Quick Start Guide – learn the first 10 signs and the basic principles required to start teaching your baby to sign (Chapter 1).

•  Advanced Teaching Methods – use teaching aids like books, flash cards, and toys to keep lessons interesting and challenging (Chapter 5).

•  Phrases – teach your baby to combine signs and communicate more complex thoughts (Chapter 6).

•  Taming the Terrible Twos – reduce frustration and tantrums by enabling your toddler to communicate (Chapter 7).

•  Transitioning to Speech – use sign language to expedite and improve speech development (Chapter 8).

baby sign language kit

Sarah learned her first 10 signs at six month and it made our lives much easier. Instead of screaming, she could tell us when she was hungry, thirsty, or tired. She learned another 50 signs by nine months and that was a blast. Now she is talking much earlier than the other children in her preschool and we think it is because of her signing.

We can’t imagine missing out on all the little things she shared with baby sign language. Thank You!

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