Beyond Communication – How Teaching Your Baby How To Sign Sets The Stage For Learning

Is it a gimmick? Are you wasting your time? We would not be surprised if you are asking yourself these questions as it relates to teaching your little how to sign or any other pre-verbal life skill. When it comes to the first 12 months of their lives there is plenty to do in terms of care-giving exposure and learning and trying to parse what needs to be prioritized can be tricky.

What Your Baby Will Learn From Signing 

  • Your baby will learn that communication, verbal or gestural equips us to have our needs met.

  • Your baby will learn to engage in visual focus.

  • Your baby will learn to engage with others.

  • Your baby will improve his motor skills.

  • Your baby will learn to better express needs and emotions

  • Your baby will learn paths of engagement

All of the skills learned through the process of learning how to use baby sign language will transfer to every aspect of learning. As your toddler enters daycare he will be equipped to convey immediate needs without frustration and will seek out engagement with ease.



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