Give Your Baby Gifts That Last a Lifetime

Yesterday as I scrolled down my Facebook feed I noticed that many new moms were asking about gift ideas for their baby’s first Christmas. The plethora of options was overwhelming. There are endless toys and gadgets that make the decision-making process overwhelming and on occasion painful.

These conversations led me to email a good friend whose area of expertise is child development. I asked her what types of gifts mattered the most during the early formative years. I was surprised and delighted by her responses. These suggestions make a great deal of sense. Take a moment to review them as you get ready to begin your holiday shopping lists:

Give The Gift of Good Nutrition

The way we relate to food starts early on. Invest in gadgetry and experiences aimed at teaching your baby about food variety and the importance of choices. From beautiful bento boxes to tools aimed at portioning what you do for your kids as far as their relationship to food will set the stage for a successful and healthy life

Give The Gift of Attention

Don’t go looking for gifts that isolate your baby. Instead, search for toys that allow you to engage and communicate making the toy not a means keeping your kid busy but instead a resource to facilitate conversations, didactic progress and person-to-person interactions

Give The Gift of Generosity

Even early on it is essential to teach our babies to give and engage. During the holidays provide your toddlers with two of the same to allow them the opportunity to gift others and experience the joy of sharing and learning to receive gratitude in return

Give The Gift of Learning

Be intentional when selecting toys. Find materials that not only entertain but also serve as learning aids. Introduce your baby to numbers, letters, words, objects and categories. Flash cards, model toys and books are timeless ways to empower your little one in their path to learning.

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  1. Chelsea W. Gabriel

    Diapers and wipes are practical gifts every baby needs. We got diapers and wipes as baby shower gifts and we were so grateful! Some babies will have a sensitivity to certain diapers or wipes.


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