Best Spring Break Baby Signs

Baby Signs for Spring Break

We are all busy planning the first vacation of the year. For many of us this means taking the kids to the beach. We head to the Florida Coast and enjoy a week of fun in the sun with friends. We love planning but we mostly love giving new experiences to our children and we are eager to gift them with an early start.

Starting early means we are taking little ones in diapers and having to adjust our family activities to match their needs. We pack a huge canopy, tons of sunscreen and a few water-friendly toys. Because we have to keep toys to a minimum we have found that teaching our baby new skills using the objects that surround us is a great way to keep him busy and amused.

With our older ones we had always selected a few baby signs to learn during our winter ski vacation. Now that we are taking our little one to the beach I have selected a few signs that are vacation-relevant and would otherwise be difficult to teach in our suburban home.

Here is my list:

Sea – Ocean









This is just a tiny list from the many available free sign language resources on our page. You can also visit our baby sign language store and find curated resources from the best authors and educators.

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