The Best Mother’s Day Gift May Just be a Baby Sign Language Kit

The countdown has begun and before we know it many of us will be rushing to the nearest supermarket looking for the perfect bouquet for mom. But what if we could give our favorite moms a gift that made a world of difference in their mothering journey? According to studies conducted by the Department of Early Childhood education at Michigan State University there is something we can give to moms that will reduce their stress by reducing meltdowns and building communication bridges with their pre-verbal child.


Baby Sign Language Kits for Expectant Moms

Pregnancy is a time of anticipation and nesting. For many moms this is a season or research and a time when we identify the tools and resources we intend to use with our babies to give them an edge in the areas of emotional, physical and intellectual development. This is a wonderful season to  gain familiarity with teaching methods and memorize basic signs in order to be ready when baby arrives.

Baby Sign Language for First Time Moms

There is a common denominator among first-time moms. Most first-timers are thirsty for knowledge and want to give their first baby every possible advantage. First-timers are also prone to feeling hesitant and frustrated when babies begin having meltdowns. A Baby Sign Language Kit can empower a first time mom to train their pre-verbal child to communicate basic needs thus reducing  friction and setting the stage for a more relaxed parenting environment.

Baby Sign Language for Working Moms

For a working mom every minute counts and minutes spent trying to comfort a baby who is upset and frustrated is precious time taken away from limited opportunities to bond. A Baby Sign Language Kit can give working moms the tools needed to improve communication and engage in learning activities with their little ones that are conducive to bonding.

Baby Sign Language for Moms of Future Terrible Twos’

Yes! We have all witnessed the drama at the mall. There is nothing more humbling to a mother than having to gain control of a situation where their toddler just seems to have the upper hand. If you know a mom of a baby between six months to a year make her day by giving her a Baby Sign Language Kit. Babies that sign are less prone to tantrums and better equipped to communicate specific needs. By teaching a baby to sign early you are setting the stage for content toddlers that feel secure in knowing that their needs are met.


Baby Sign Language for Moms of Little Ones with Special Needs

Baby Sign Language Kits and resources are particularly useful for parents trying to provide augmentative communication tools for children with delayed speech or learning differences. A kit can make a world of difference by equipping parents with advanced teaching techniques and quick reference resources to help their babies communicate by signing. Baby Sign Language resources are often used by speech pathologists and speech therapists. Give a family facing a new diagnostic the give of hope and communication.


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  1. Lisa Price

    Are you going to be getting the premium kit available again soon? Every time I check, you’re out of stock?

    • Baby Sign Language Administrator

      Hi Lisa, Thanks for stopping by! Please bookmark our page for any future updates. If we don’t restock soon, it is likely we will be going all digital instead.


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