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Does My Baby Need a Pacifier?

Pediatrician and parenting expert author Dr. William Sears says that if your baby really wants a pacifier, “use it, don’t abuse it, and quickly try to lose it.” Pacifiers can sure be useful. Not that I would know personally. I remember draped over the crib weeping, praying to God that my daughter would just keep… Reads more »

Acupuncture is for Babies Too?!

When I first told my friends that I was taking my baby girl to an acupuncturist, they looked like they wanted to have me arrested for child abuse. I think they pictured me pinning my baby down while some sadist filled her with pins. As if. My daughter was born with horrific eczema, not an… Reads more »

A Safe Place for Your Baby

My daughter is now crawling and climbing at every opportunity. This is such a happy and exciting stage of her development, but one that also requires some extra safety considerations. Car Safety. I am sure that all of you remember purchasing and carefully installing your baby’s first carseat in anticipation of his or her arrival…. Reads more »

1st Foods… the Messy, Fun, and Challenging Way

The vast majority of parents are very familiar with the small jars of purees known as “baby food.” As my daughter approached 6 months, the age at which I began offering solids, I began to contemplate this whole baby food issue. What did babies eat before supermarkets started stocking an entire aisle of these little… Reads more »

Baby Massage Bliss

Ever had a massage? Blissful, huh? Your baby would think so too! Mothers all over the world have been massaging their babies for centuries. It may seem like a new fad, but really it is an age-old tradition in many cultures. Baby massage is a fun, inexpensive, and simple way to bond with your baby,… Reads more »