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Ten Things Your Kid Must See Before Turning Three

It is a season of discovery and those things that we take for granted are the igniters of our child’s sense of wanderlust. The small journeys of today will one day be remembered as the very foundation of their willingness and drive to reach far and wide. I asked my friend Lori who is a… Reads more »

Great Tips For Dining Out With Your Little Ones

Looking to have an enjoyable meal when eating out with the tots? has a few tips to help you navigate the restaurant world with kiddies and hopefully enjoy the experience in the meantime. 1. DO YOUR HOMEWORK – Part of your research should entail making sure the restaurant caters to children YOUR AGE. Think… Reads more »

How to Take Good Photos With Your Camera Phone

Our trusty little Iphones & Droids are always handy. We have come to rely on our smart phones to capture the unique and surprising moments of our babies. As a multimedia device the smart phone does not have all the features required for amazing photos but each model has just enough to keep us hooked… Reads more »

Should You Put Your Baby on a Schedule?

We have a guest post from Heather Gaither from The Essential Infant Resource for Mothers. Check out her website, it has a lot of great tips for moms. To schedule? Or to say the-heck-with-everything and shoot for “free spirit”. That is the question. If you’re a label making, sock-organizing Martha Stewart Mum, the answer is… Reads more »

Baby Yoga

One of the questions I was frequently asked as a new mom was, “Are you doing baby yoga?” In my pre-mom life, I had taken a few yoga classes, but never with much success. Dark rooms with strangers and lit candles, rolling around and trying not to make any strange noises … Anyway, despite my… Reads more »