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All Gone

All gone begins with your dominant hand open and palm facing inward. Your non-dominant hand lies open and flat to form a base with your palm facing the sky. You perform the sign by moving your dominant hand forward, away from you, while clenching your first.

The motion is similar to clearing a table, as if you were taking everything off the surface so that the contents are all gone.

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All gone is used when there is none of something left. So if you are eating a bowl of popcorn with your baby, and she eats the last one, you could sign 'all gone'. All gone is very similar in meaning to all done. We use all done when we have finished an event, such as playing on the swing. All gone is when a quantity of something is exhausted. In many situations, both are equally correct and interchangeable. For example, when you have finished eating a bowl of popcorn, the popcorn kernels are all gone, and you are all done with the activity of eating.


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All gone is best introduced based on real-life props. Start teaching all gone by placing a few items in front of your baby. Then remove them and sign all gone. From there, start generalizing the meaning of the word with different examples.


5 Responses to “All Gone”

  1. Daniela

    I am looking for a sign “empty”, like empty glass or plate. It is not like “all gone”, it is more before putting something on a plate or in a glass.
    Thank you,

    ADMIN – Hi Daniela,

    We sign “empty” by placing our left hand down. We then place the middle finger on the back of our left hand. Finally, we move our right hand from our left wrist beyond our knuckles.

  2. Marit Reichardt

    first of all thanks so much for such a great page.
    I am from Germany and I have just heard about baby signing. I am nearly addicted to learn and show it to my 9 months old son.
    I definitely miss a sign for just “gone” or “away” to say that Daddy is not home or when the cats walk out of the room or something like that.
    Is there anything?
    With lots of love,
    Marit und Valentin
    from Lüneburg

    ADMIN – Hi Marit,

    The sign for away is very easy. Start with your dominant hand by your forehead and proceed to make a motion as if you are grabbing a large bug stuck to your forehead. Grab the but with all five fingers extended and pull it away from you.

  3. Sara

    Umm…can you please add the sign for “everything” to the dictionary?
    It might be easier to follow directions with a visual aid cuz…I only have primary use of my left hand.


    ADMIN – Hi Sarah,

    I have added everything to the list. Production is not scheduled to take place until April.

  4. Walter Moryan

    I need your help. I have TBI Traumatic Brain Injury and I am trying to learn how to teach our one year old daughter sign language. How can I join your team and ask how to sign certain words when I am trying to learn and teach Nevaeh?

    ADMIN – Hi Walter,

    This site should have everything you need to know about teaching baby sign language. If you have any questions, just ask them right here in the comments section of the relevant page and we will post an answer.

  5. Ashley

    The sign for “All Gone” makes my 13 month old giggle hysterically! She’s working on imitating me…


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