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To greet someone with a hello, make the sign by extending your fingers and cross your thumb in front of your palm. Now take the hand, starting with your hand in front of your ear, and extend it outward and away from your body.

Finally, smile! Emotional signs like hello are learned as much from your body language as from the actual signs.

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I find it more natural for a baby to just simply wave hello and goodbye. However, if you want to use the official ASL hello sign, do the sign every time you greet someone, and encourage them to make the sign back. Also, use the sign whenever you see your baby after even a short absence, while saying a cheery hello.


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The official ASL sign for hello is like a little salute. You can also use a little wave, like the more traditional gesture for saying hi.


13 Responses to “Hello”

  1. Gloria Esparza

    I wanted to know how to say this in baby sign language. Thank you.

    • Baby Sign Language Administrator

      Hi Stanton, If the thought of learning sign language seems overwhelming and you don’t know where to begin, I suggest you go through our Home page, Basics dropdown menu. From there, please go over the Quickstart Guide, and move along each section once you finish the previous one. Just take every learning experience at your own pace (or at your baby’s pace), and you’ll be fine. After you go through the basics, just take a needs-based approach, meaning, if you see that your child needs to learn a particular sign, just search for it using the Dictionary dropdown menu. You have guides there from A to Z. Just learn each word as needed. You have the descriptions, videos, and illustrated signs to help you along. Of course, as you learn the basic signs, have fun learning them and teaching them to your child! Before you know it, you’ve already learned some key words for everyday communication. Cheers!

  2. Shaniya

    How do you say “Hello everyone, how are you?”

    Also how do you say, “I am learning sign language now?”

    ADMIN – hi Shaniya,

    Generally speaking babies don’t engage in complex phrases. By the time they understand a concept as complex as a plural greeting they should be engaging in speech.

  3. Nanii

    How do you say hey how are you?

    ADMIN – Hi Nanii,

    That is a complex phrase more suitable for children than babies. A baby usually greets without a question.

  4. maya

    How do you say, Hello! Are you ok?

    ADMIN – Hi Maya,

    Combine the sign for hello, the sign for you and the sign for ok and make the facial expression that corresponds to a question.

  5. Izzy Diego

    How do you say “how are you”?

    ADMIN – Hi Izzy,

    Combine the sign of “how” with the sign for “you”.

  6. Carol

    Is There a sign for the word:
    and the word

    ADMIN – Hi Carol,

    Yes. Please use our online dictionary.

  7. Mikaila

    How do you say THE in ASL? i can’t figure it out

    ADMIN – Hi Mikaela,

    The is a transitional word not needed for babies.

  8. Malcolm

    That Official ASL second alternate hello sign, with tap an a handshape knock on a door do the same time you greet everybody when you so happy to see your baby
    after even a short absence while you say hello.


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