Above Flash Card

Above Baby Sign Language Flash card

Usage: Use the Above flash card in conjunction with the up and down flash cards. The contrast will help baby better understand the meaning of the word. It is also useful to start to generalize these group of signs, using them to communicate relative location. Consider using objects to provide visual and tactile experiences that reinforce the concept.

As baby gets more advanced you can introduce the added challenge of adding objects in combination with the word above. So as well as above and up, you can use table and chair. Form phrases such as above the table and point to up and down to help your baby make specific associations with these signs.

For an instructional video and tutorial on how to make the above sign, see here.

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  1. Amanda

    Is there a way to print all 600 from one screen or can I only print one at a time?

    ADMIN – Hi Amanda,

    There is not. Our dictionary which is available for purchase contains most signs in print version.


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