Baby Flash Card

Baby Baby Sign Language Flash card

Usage: Use the Baby flash card in conjunction with the mommy and daddy flash cards. The objective is to develop self awareness and understand familial connections. As your baby grows and gains further understanding of the world that surrounds them you can begin to introduce signs for other members of their social structures such as teachers, nannies and siblings

For an instructional video and tutorial on how to make the baby sign, see here.

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3 Responses to “Baby Flash Card”

  1. kristy tillman

    i have a son who just turned 2. He has a small problem with hearing and can’t say the word for what he wants. I’ve been learning and teaching him to sign 1 day every week since he was 1 years old and now he can tell me whatever it is he wants to say and I love it. This website has been our learning place for two years. Without it we would still be stuck on him not being able to say what he needs.

  2. Doris Allen

    I am a grandmom of 2 little girls. One is 14 months old and the other is a newborn. I have reason to believe that daycare is teaching my granddaughter signing. She was with us this weekend and signed for more and give me. I would like to learn what she is saying. Her mom did not know this was why she was making signs. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Marisa

    This is a great website. I’m an interpreter and I also teach it to college students. I refer my students to this website for help. I also have a 4 month old son and I’m using the flashcards not for him, but for my husband!


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