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  1. Raymaiah

    My daughter is six months we began signing about a week ago. I know it is much too early to expect much results or participation on her part but I would like to know, what are some of the indicators or signals that she is paying attention and picking up on the signs and noticing that each corresponds with something? Again, I know it is much too early but I would just like to be aware of them so when it is of reasonable timing I can re-evaluate the situation and catch on progression and all that.

    ADMIN – Hi Raymaiah,

    You are looking for connections in the way your child responds emotionally. For example if the baby signs milk and you feed her the response should be elation, satisfaction or joy.

  2. Kisha

    My daughter love doing sign language so she teach me how to do sign language and I love it very much thank you for my daughter helping me do sign language.

  3. Carolyn Duhon

    I saw this on TLC with a Couple using sign language for their 5 babies and thought that was a good ideal for my Grandaughter who can”t talk yet plus she have Cerabral Palsy she was born 2 1/2 months premature so she is delay the Doctor told my Daughter and Son-In-Law that it just take time but my Daughter would love her to say Mama. So I thought this can help my Grandaughter to say words without speaking. So Thank You

  4. Jen Hay

    Thank you for the printable flash cards. I am using them to teach my son’s kindergarten class sign language. They are great for the kids to take home and practice.


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