Pasta Flash Card

Pasta Baby Sign Language Flash card

Usage: You will be using the sign for pasta as soon as your toddler discovers the joys of mac & cheese. Try to teach the sign as early as 13 months and use it as a combo sign. For example you can use pasta + cheese for mac & cheese or pasta + tomato for spaghetti marinara.

To learn how and when to teach the sign, take a look at the pasta page for a video, diagram, and tutorial.

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  1. Ging

    Hello! How different is the sign for “pasta” as in spaghetti to the sign for “noodles” as in Chinese noodles (we call it pancit)? We live in the Philippines and my kid eats both spaghetti and pancit. I was hoping I could distinguish one from the other for her thru baby signs so I know which one she is requesting for. Thanks!

    ADMIN – Hi Ging,

    I use the same sign


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