Please Flash Card

Please Baby Sign Language Flash card

Usage: Conceptual baby signs like please are not well suited for teaching using the flash cards. (We have made the flash card for completeness, since lots of parents use the flash cards for other things like learning the signs themselves or to start teaching reading and writing) Please is easier taught in real life situations, having your baby practice the sign when they want something before you give it to them.

To learn how and when to teach the sign, take a look at the please page for a video, diagram, and tutorial.

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    • Baby Sign Language Administrator

      Hi Jessica, Sorry to hear that. It’s working fine on my end. Please try again later; it could just be your internet connection or a temporary browser issue. Thanks for letting us know.

  1. Lynn

    Thank you so much! I found your site accidentally. I take care of an 18 month old who is smarter then I am but not in a hurry to talk. I decided signing was much better then playing the guessing game of what uh uh meant. She is picking it up like a sponge! It has made like so much more pleasant!

  2. Katherine Hille

    I have custody of my granddaughter and I have been teaching her because she doesn’t talk


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