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Signing Approximations

Approximations are the signing equivalents of baby talk. Your baby is communicating and you understand him or her, although the sign is not technically correct and may be unrecognizable to other signing adults. Signs are rather complex movements to a baby, and it is likely that your baby will not use them correctly at first…. Reads more »

Signing Grandparents, A Great Gift to Everyone!

I know that my daughter isn’t the only baby out there with wonderful, adoring grandparents. I hope that your babies are similarly blessed with extended family members (I’ll refer to grandparents here, but this applies to all loved ones) who are involved in their very special young lives. Do your baby’s grandparents know about Baby… Reads more »

Family Baby Signs Video Tutorial

A quick introduction to the signs for family members including: mother, father, sister, brother, grandmother, grandfather, uncle, aunt, and cousin. Transcript Welcome to Baby Sign Language dot com. This is our video tutorial on family members. I am joined today by my daughter who is crawling so she may or may not stick around. First… Reads more »

A World of Dogs and Milk

My daughter has mastered two signs, those for dog and milk. It is not uncommon for babies to apply those early signs to a wide variety of things. For example, the baby will sign milk when she wants to nurse, but also when she eats, is sleepy, or wants me to hold her. This is… Reads more »

Is My Baby Really Signing?

Okay moms, do you remember those early months of pregnancy? Before your babies starting throwing champion punches in utero, you probably went through a stage of wondering whether or not you were feeling the baby’s movement. I remember feeling a fluttery sensation and wondering whether I was feeling my daughter’s first movements or just had… Reads more »