Family Baby Signs Video Tutorial

A quick introduction to the signs for family members including: mother, father, sister, brother, grandmother, grandfather, uncle, aunt, and cousin.

Welcome to Baby Sign Language dot com. This is our video tutorial on family members. I am joined today by my daughter who is crawling so she may or may not stick around.

First of all, the signs for family member, all male signs are done above the nose. All female signs are done below the nose.

Secondly, you can substitute the spoken word you use for the proper name if you prefer. So you can use whatever term you like for grandmother as you sign grandma. Likewise you can use the proper name for brother when you sign brother.

Let’s get started. The sign for mom and dad are the same sign, just in a different position on the face. So we do momma. Just take you r five hand and tap on your chin. Mommy, mommy. Daddy is the same sign just higher up on your forehead. Daddy, daddy.

Grandma and grandpa are very similar. Just instead of tapping your chin for mommy you go away for grandma. So grandma. You start at your chin then you go out twice. Then grandpa. Grandma. Grandpa.

Ok. For uncle, this is the ASL letter U and you just do a little circle up at your forehead. Uncle. Uncle. And the sign for aunt. The ASL A is a fist like this with your thumb on the side and circle down at the jaw area. Aunt. So Uncle. Aunt. And again if you want to substitute the proper name that is ok. So if you have an Aunt Lauren, then you can do this for Aunt Lauren.

Now brother and sister are basically the same sign. Both of them you are going to do two L hands. And your non-dominant hand is going to be stationary at about chest level. How for sister you start at your chin level and tap down. Sister. Sister. Brother starts up at your forehead. Brother. Brother. Sister. Brother.

Ok. Finally we will do cousin. Cousin is just your big C hand. If you are just doing a cousin in general you can just wave it around here. A female cousin is down around the jaw and a male cousin is up here.

We hope you have enjoyed learning all the sign, have fun signing!

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