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Give Your Baby Gifts That Last a Lifetime

Yesterday as I scrolled down my Facebook feed I noticed that many new moms were asking about gift ideas for their baby’s first Christmas. The plethora of options was overwhelming. There are endless toys and gadgets that make the decision-making process overwhelming and on occasion painful. These conversations led me to email a good friend… Reads more »

A Fun Thanksgiving Rhyme To Sing & Sign

  I have a turkey, big and fat. He spreads his tail and walks like that. His daily corn he would not miss. And when he talks, it sounds like this: Gobble Gobble Gobble Flash cards to print: Turkey Big Corn Talk Ready to learn hundreds of signs with your baby? Our baby sign language… Reads more »

Teaching Toddlers Thankfulness Using Baby Sign Language

Regardless of your parenting style we can all agree that manners do matter and are often the key to successful social interactions. We all want to raise pleasant well integrated kiddos whose heart is always in the right place. With this in mind we are all looking for ways to effectively teach abstracts like gratitude,… Reads more »

Christmas Time Baby Sign Language

We love everything about the holidays and we hope you do too. With a little less than three weeks to go before Christmas we wanted to share with you a few baby sign language Christmas themed signs. We hope to have a great time teaching your toddler seasonally relevant signs. If you have not yet… Reads more »