Four Ways To Keep Baby Busy And Avoid Cabin Fever Tantrums

Baby Activities For Cold and Snowy Days

Harsh weather and snow has arrived to many places and with it the challenges of keeping your sanity and keeping your baby engaged, happy and busy when you are trapped indoors.

Just like adults, little ones also need stimulation and sunshine to remain healthy and strong. In some areas of the country outdoorsy activities are no longer an option once the snow hits or days become too short, too windy or too cold. If this is what you are experiencing and cabin fever has you at the end of your mama rope we want to let you know that there is hope. Being indoors does not mean that the fun needs to stop. Grab your baby sign language flash cards, and join us as we take advantage of the versatility of this wonderful teaching resource.

Learn Holiday Baby Signs

Christmas is around the corner and this is a great time to familiarize your baby with signs that are only relevant during the season. Print our most used holiday signs and practice with your baby through the use of signs while learning holiday songs

Play a Match The Card, Sign & Object Scavenger Hunt

Pick 10 cards of objects familiar to your toddler and have him locate the objects around the house. When your baby locates the object repeat the word and guide them through hand modeling as you introduce them to the signs.

Create Card Groupings And Focus on a Theme

We love to introduce our babies to categorizing by sorting the cards by group. We have a stack with animals, one with food items and another one with locations such as kitchen and bathroom. We select a grouping and guide our babies through play dynamics such as guess the sign.

Learn Signs for Extended Family Members

Winter is the time when we visit and get to know our extended family. Take advantage of this opportunity to introduce your baby to signs like aunt, uncle, cousin, nephew etc. Consider posting pictures of different family members and practice the sign combined with the first initial of each family member. This is a fantastic way to learn the alphabet and become familiar with abstract concepts that teach your baby to identify how they relate to others within their family circle.

If you want to go to the next level and keep your child busy while learning and staying stimulated, consider purchasing the Ultra Baby Sign Language Kit which contains numerous resources inclusive of DVDs from the Baby Signing Times Collection a classic you don’t want to miss

Give Your Baby Gifts That Last a Lifetime

Yesterday as I scrolled down my Facebook feed I noticed that many new moms were asking about gift ideas for their baby’s first Christmas. The plethora of options was overwhelming. There are endless toys and gadgets that make the decision-making process overwhelming and on occasion painful.

These conversations led me to email a good friend whose area of expertise is child development. I asked her what types of gifts mattered the most during the early formative years. I was surprised and delighted by her responses. These suggestions make a great deal of sense. Take a moment to review them as you get ready to begin your holiday shopping lists:

Give The Gift of Good Nutrition

The way we relate to food starts early on. Invest in gadgetry and experiences aimed at teaching your baby about food variety and the importance of choices. From beautiful bento boxes to tools aimed at portioning what you do for your kids as far as their relationship to food will set the stage for a successful and healthy life

Give The Gift of Attention

Don’t go looking for gifts that isolate your baby. Instead, search for toys that allow you to engage and communicate making the toy not a means keeping your kid busy but instead a resource to facilitate conversations, didactic progress and person-to-person interactions

Give The Gift of Generosity

Even early on it is essential to teach our babies to give and engage. During the holidays provide your toddlers with two of the same to allow them the opportunity to gift others and experience the joy of sharing and learning to receive gratitude in return

Give The Gift of Learning

Be intentional when selecting toys. Find materials that not only entertain but also serve as learning aids. Introduce your baby to numbers, letters, words, objects and categories. Flash cards, model toys and books are timeless ways to empower your little one in their path to learning.

At we have dedicated the last decade to delivering useful and durable learning materials that have made a world of difference in the lives of thousands of families around the world. We carefully curate our kits to ensure there is something for everyone. Visit our store to learn more or take advantage of all the free printable goodies available on this website.

A Fun Thanksgiving Rhyme To Sing & Sign

Thanksgiving signs


I have a turkey, big and fat.
He spreads his tail and walks like that.
His daily corn he would not miss.
And when he talks, it sounds like this:
Gobble Gobble Gobble

Flash cards to print:





Ready to learn hundreds of signs with your baby?

Our baby sign language kits contain all of the signs to help your baby overcome nocturnal fears and anxieties. Volume III of the Baby Signing Time collection available in our Premium and Ultra Kits comes with songs appropriate for bedtime routines.


baby sign language kit

The Standard Baby Sign Language Kit, bundles together everything you need to get started with signing in one box, at a steep discount. The kit includes: (1) Baby Sign Language Guide Book; (2) Baby Sign Language Dictionary: (3) Baby Sign Language Flash Cards; and (4) Baby Sign Language Wall Chart.

Baby Sign Language Guide Book shows you how to teach your child how to sign. The book begins with a Quick Start Guide that will teach you your first signs and having you ready to sign in 30 minutes. As your baby progresses, you can delve into more advanced topics like combining signs to make phrases, using props, and transitioning to speech. (Regularly $19.95)

Baby Sign Language Dictionary contains over 600 signs including the most common words, the alphabet and numbers. The dictionary helps you expand your child’s vocabulary, and has the breadth of coverage that lets you follow any child’s natural interests. Each sign is illustrated with two or more diagrams, showing you the starting position, the ending position, and intermediate motion. This makes learning new signs easy.  (Regularly $19.95)

Baby Sign Language Flash Cards include 52 sturdy board (4×6 inches) flash cards, covering a variety of basic signs. The flash cards allow you to teach words, such as animal names, that Baby is not exposed to in everyday life. The face of the flash cards shows the word and image for the child. The back of the flash cards show how the sign is performed, a handy reminder for the adult.  (Regularly $24.95)

Baby Sign Language Wall Chart includes 22 basic signs, and makes a handy reminder for caregivers. The Baby Sign Language Wall Chart covers basic signs, like eat, drink, and sleep. Hang the poster in Baby’s Nursery to help babysitters, or other occasional caregivers learn and decode the most commonly used baby signs.  (Regularly $9.95)

100% Signing Guarantee

Your baby signs to your complete satisfaction, or you get a full refund.

No questions. No time limits. No regrets.

Baby Sign Language Guide Book

Learn the best techniques for effectively teaching baby sign language. Including:

•  Quick Start Guide – learn the first 10 signs and the basic principles required to start teaching your baby to sign (Chapter 1).

•  Advanced Teaching Methods – use teaching aids like books, flash cards, and toys to keep lessons interesting and challenging (Chapter 5).

•  Phrases – teach your baby to combine signs and communicate more complex thoughts (Chapter 6).

•  Taming the Terrible Twos – reduce frustration and tantrums by enabling your toddler to communicate (Chapter 7).

•  Transitioning to Speech – use sign language to expedite and improve speech development (Chapter 8).

baby sign language kit

Sarah learned her first 10 signs at six month and it made our lives much easier. Instead of screaming, she could tell us when she was hungry, thirsty, or tired. She learned another 50 signs by nine months and that was a blast. Now she is talking much earlier than the other children in her preschool and we think it is because of her signing.

We can’t imagine missing out on all the little things she shared with baby sign language. Thank You!


Teaching Toddlers Thankfulness Using Baby Sign Language

Regardless of your parenting style we can all agree that manners do matter and are often the key to successful social interactions. We all want to raise pleasant well integrated kiddos whose heart is always in the right place. With this in mind we are all looking for ways to effectively teach abstracts like gratitude, empathy and cordiality.

Thankfulness Is Not a Basic Need

When we teach baby sign language we do it with the main goal of equipping our babies to convey basic needs. It is all about empowerment and making the pre-verbal stage more bearable. The first baby signs that you teach your baby should always be associated to primary needs. Go for the basics and work on those signs until your baby masters them. Once you have a basic foundation you can move to the next stage of learning and begin incorporating abstracts.

Manners Are Best Taught Through Imitation & Repetition

Teaching our babies about thankfulness is all about us. From birth we can instill a culture of gratitude by consistently thanking our baby for appropriate behaviors and thanking others when our baby is watching. Thank your older child for fetching a bottle or a diaper using a sign combined with words and always making sure your voice is full of positivism. Consistent gratitude is contagious. Pass it on!

Use The Signs for Please & Thank You During Meals

Mealtime is a fantastic setting to learn thankfulness. Let your toddler help out and thank him for his helpfulness. Sign please when appropriate and use your thank you sign every time an opportunity arises.

Introduce Thankfulness During Story Time

There are many wonderful books suitable for the first years that tackle manners through storytelling. Babies love to participate in interactive reading. Invite your baby to sign please and thank you when appropriate as your read a story or a poem about gratitude.

manners collection

Teach Your Baby Thankful Tunes

Pick a well known thank you song or invent your own. Singing is a great way to trigger recall and it helps in forming habits that embrace gratitude. We have a thank you song we sing to grandparents and one we use during our evening prayers.

Teaching your baby manners is a habit he will cherish for life. Get started today. To download your free Thank You baby sign language flash card click here.

Christmas Time Baby Sign Language

We love everything about the holidays and we hope you do too. With a little less than three weeks to go before Christmas we wanted to share with you a few baby sign language Christmas themed signs. We hope to have a great time teaching your toddler seasonally relevant signs. If you have not yet purchased the Ultra Baby Sign Language Kit, a fantastic value for under $120. Consider it as a great option for the holidays. We have also added several different kits featuring the beloved Babblarna collection and others with the most adorable baby toys you have ever seen. You can check them out in our store. Every parent that has used our resources is amazed at how each of our teaching tools can have an impact for the first 5 years of your kid’s life.

Best Christmas Gifts for Toddlers Baby Sign Language Kit

We hope your holiday season is full of snuggles, hugs and lots of opportunities to introduce your baby to new and wonderful things. These flashcards are not available in our directory and you can only find them on this post. Please share these awesome Christmas baby sign language with your friends.


Bell Baby Sign Language Flash Card

Bell Printable Flash Card

Why not incorporate this sign in song by teaching baby to sing Jingle Bells.

Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree Baby Sign Language Flash Card

Christmas Tree Printable Flash Card

In our house we decorate the tree with child-safe ornaments in the bottom half and heirlooms on the top. Why not spend a little time making ornaments with your toddler and capturing this very special season in life.


Cookie Baby Sign Language Flash Card

Cookie Printable Flash Card

Will you be baking for Santa? There are many recipes simple enough to let your toddler help. Consider no-bake cookies or rice crispy treats as an option for hands-on participation of everyone in your family.


Elf Baby Sign Language Flash Card

Elf Printable Flash Card

We can’t wait for our little ones to be old enough for us to do Elf on the Shelf. If you plan to do it we would love it if you share your pics with us on our Baby Sign Language Facebook page.


Jesus Baby Sign Language Flash Card

Jesus Printable Flash Card

Many churches incorporate sign language to praise and worship. By teaching baby sign language you give your little one a head start.


Gift Christmas Baby Sign Language

Gift Printable Flash Card

Perhaps the most magical part of Christmas for our little ones. Why not make colorful gift wrap by allowing them to walk on kraft paper while stepping on green and red tempera paint.


Ornament Christmas Baby Sign LanguageOrnament Printable Flash Card

Want to encourage signing during the holidays? Why not print all of the holiday cards and do decoupage ornaments using your flash cards. This is a great way to be reminded to sign.

Santa Claus

santa-claus Christmas Baby Sign Language

Santa Claus Printable Flash Card

We totally love the magic that surrounds everything Santa. If you are planning on a visit to The Mall for pictures begin introducing baby early to photos and videos to avoid   a situation where baby is intimidated by Santa


snowflake Christmas Baby Sign Language

Snowflake Printable Flash Card

If your toddler has the opportunity to see snow for the first time don’t miss out on this sign. When your little one is about to turn three he or she will be mature and attentive enough to see the shape in a snowflake.


snowman Christmas Baby Sign Language

Snowman Printable Flash Card

If there is no snow where you live consider a craft using marshmallows to show your toddler how to make miniature snowman.


stocking Christmas Baby Sign Language

Stocking Printable Flash Card

We love this tradition and we hope you do too. We also have a great deal of fun with advent calendars. We customize ours with different objects available in our baby sign language dictionary and we learn to sign a sign per day. Our signs include star, donkey, sheep, baby, mom & dad.

baby sign language kit

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