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  1. Debranne Laphan-Quinn

    Hello, I love your sign language flash cards!!!! Thank you it is a wonderful resource….
    Do you have the word Bridge? If so could you email me. I would really appreciate it. Debranne Quinn

    • Baby Sign Language Administrator

      Hi, Debranne! Thanks for your comment. We don’t have a sign page for “bridge,” but you can simply sign it with your non-dominant forearm laid out flat in front of you (acting as the bridge), while your dominant hand forms the letter “V” and acts like the leg support of the bridge on opposite ends: starting under the side of the bridge closer to your non-dominant hand, prop up your forearm directly under your wrist with the top of your two “V” fingers (the pointer and middle fingers), then move the “V” down and towards the elbow side of your “bridge” and prop it up on that end next.


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