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    • Baby Sign Language Administrator

      Hi Paula,

      Thanks for your suggestion. We’re not adding any new pages for now. In the meantime, if you’d like to sign ‘principal’: form a fist or ‘S’ sign, palm facing down, with your non-dominant hand. Then form a ‘P’ sign with your dominant hand, making a circle once while it hovers over the fist, then landing the middle finger of your ‘P’ hand onto the back of your fist. It’s like the principal standing right in the middle of the school grounds. Cheers.

  1. Beth

    Could Pet be added?

    ADMIN – Hi Beth,

    The concept is too vague to be understood by a baby.

  2. Stacie Stillion

    Is there a sign for Penguin? Thank you!

    ADMIN – Hi Stacie,

    I don’t have a flash card for Penguin. To sign Penguin you motion both hands palm facing down on the sides of your body as if your hands were the feet of Penguin.


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