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  1. Gigi

    These common signs are too similar:

    All done
    Toilet (potty)

    What do you suggest to make these more clear? I already began with an alternate sign for “all done” which is where the non dominant hand is in front of you the same way as when doing the “more” sign while dominant hand makes like a karate chop motion vertically passing the other hand (which makes a lot of sense using it with the “more” sign because they seem to relate.) But now that doesn’t match your flash cards 🙁 Should I change it on baby to match yours or keep doing what I’ve been doing? There’s a few other words I’ve used alternate signs for to keep things less confusing and now can’t use your set 🙁

    ADMIN – Hi Gigi,

    We decided to keep them as they are and try to understand what baby was signing in context. The only instance in which we have made up signs for clarity was in the case of my nephew who has a learning disability with limitations to motor skills. When we did make the change we took pictures of his mom signing and replaced the iconography on the flash card.

  2. dudey13

    How do you sign wow? I need to sign wow said the owl.

    ADMIN – Hi Dudey,

    Shape your mouth in the shape of the letter O now place both hands facing forward in a fan format and fan them forward and backward once.

  3. Brooke

    What is the sign for Toilet?

    ADMIN – Hi Brooke,

    Toilet is the same sign as potty, and you can now find it above.


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